Best Double DIN Head Unit 2018 – Review and Comparison

JoyingTo get wireless phone connectivity and to get smooth control of your car speakers, you need to upgrade your car’s head unit. Upgrading head unit has many benefits too. Like you can connect it to your Smartphone and listen to satellite radio, get better Navigation, hands free communication and much more.

There are many popular brands double DIN head units are available in market, Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, Sony, JVC are most popular and trusted brands. Though, you can choose single DIN head unit too but double head unit can give you more features and in budget (without taking any extra money).

Below is list of most popular and Top Rated Double DIN Head Unit of 2018;

ImageProduct NameUser RatingsPrice
Pioneer FH-X720BT Pioneer FH-X720BT 2-DIN CD Receiver with Mixtrax & Bluetooth4.9/5
Kenwood DPX300UKenwood DPX300U Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver4.8/5
JVC KW-R800BTJVC KW-R800BT In-Dash AM/FM/CD Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth4.8/5
JensenJensen 6.2" Navigation Receiver DVD CD Touchscreen Monitor VX70204.6/5
Pyle PLDNB78iPyle PLDNB78i Headunit Receiver 7-Inch Stereo Radio4.5/5
BOSSBOSS Audio 870DBI In-Dash Double-Din Detachable CD/USB/SD/MP3 Player Receiver Bluetooth Streaming Bluetooth Hands-free with Remote4.8/5
Lanzar SDNV66BLanzar SDNV66B 6.5-Inch Video Headunit Receiver GPS Navigation Bluetooth Wireless CD/DVD Player Touch Screen Double DIN4.0/5
Pioneer AVH-4100NEXPioneer AVH-4100NEX 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver with 7" WVGA Touchscreen Display4.5/5
JoyingJoying 7-Inch Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Double 2 Din Car Stereo Quad Core 1024x600 Head Unit Bluetooth Touch Screen4.5/5
Pupug Pupug GPS Navigator 6.2" HD Digital Touch Screen Double 2 Din Head unit4.5/5

Advantages of Double DIN Head Unit

There are many benefits according to expert to have advance head unit in car. Like you can get better view of GPS navigation, you can better control the equalizers, and many more. But one of the core purpose of Head unit it to provide power supply to speakers and to stream music.

But now days, everyone wants to attach their smart phones to car stereo so they can get hands free call communication, upgraded car sound system, online streaming of music from different android Apps. This all can be possible with help of Head units which are filled with all possible advance features, which can control up to 4 channels and reduce your risk of possible accident while taking calls on driving car.

Advance DIN head units can also paired to Android Smartphone; there are some brands which provide android connectivity to head units.

How to Choose the Best Double DIN Head Units?

Well, it’s a big issue. Since there are many popular brands available in market, it’s quite confusing to select one. But no worries, we have shorted listed Top 5 DIN head units from our expert panel which has reviews these products and filled details like pros – cons of the head units, how to use it, controls provided and what are the compatibility of head unit. Do check the brief reviews of top 5 products.

#1 Pioneer FH-X720BT 2-DIN CD Receiver with Mixtrax & Bluetooth – [Editor’s Choice]

Pioneer FH-X720BTPioneer FH-X720BT is most advance and in-budget DIN head unit which comes with Bluetooth connectivity option. Its variable color option gives you choice to choose the matching color of your car’s interior.

It has 14 watts of power which generates average 50 watt of peak while using it on heavy volume. You can play CD, USB and satellite radio easily.

It has 5 band equalizer which delivers significant music with seven preset mode and gives you taste of different genres music.

It uses MIXTRAX program which act as Virtual DJ and allows you to enjoy DJ effects between Songs. Also, its FHX Advance Sound Retriever improves the MP3 quality.

You can easily integrate it with android and iPhone OS via Bluetooth connectivity. The synchronization is too easy; you can do it without much effort. Creating new stations on intent radio is much easier with this head and you can even save it for future use. If you are Apple user, you can easily connect it with help Siri.

Pioneer has made it simple yet beautiful interface.  You can easily control all buttons; even use small remote control to control volume and all other features. Knobs of the head is quite good quality, you can easily press and it will respond equally.

Though, the Dim screen of head is almost not visible in open car or with open windows. While you need lots of time to learn & understand other features.

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  • 14 watt , 5 Band equalizer, Virtual DJ
  • Easy to operate
  • Very nice remote control


  • Screen not visible on daytime
  • Confusing features

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#2 Kenwood DPX300U Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver

Kenwood DPX300UKenwood DPX300U is another perfect Double DIN head unit from popular brand, Kenwood. It has a DPX feature which supports Strong Amplifier. The design of this head is quite advance and has plenty of rooms to upgrade.

It plays CD, CD-R, MP3, WAV, AAC, WMA and USB input as well. If you are iPhone user, you can even plugin your smartphone with jack and directly start playing iHeartradio and Pandora Station.

It has 22 watts of 4 channels at smooth power, which at peak reaches to 50 watts. This extra power can be easily noticeable while listening to sound. The head is available in 13 different color displays which take cares of aesthetics.

The 3 Band equalizer has 8 preset curves which can easily support any speakers and have low pass filters for sub woofers as well. As special features, you will get speaker setting option, by which you can adjust the receiver’s output as per the capacity of car speaker size.

The DPX has 6 different channel output via front, rear and sub speakers. The controls of DPX are very simple and sleek. You can get control to all speakers via easy touch buttons. You also gets a small remote control which allows 2nd row passengers to control stereo as well.

If you are looking for just to improve sound, Kenwood’s this product is good for you. You can easily connect to Android and iPhone via Bluetooth connection.

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Pros :-

  • Very Sleek and Simple Interface
  • 22 watts of high power
  • Plenty of space to expand

Cons :-

  • It relies on the analog inputs
  • Simple, no extra features
  • Some color skin of display not readable in daytime.

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#3 JVC KW-R800BT In-Dash AM/FM/CD Car Stereo Receiver with Bluetooth

JVC KW-R800BTIf you want powerful and most attractive one, you can go with JVC KW-R800BT head unit. JVC is known brand in car stereo manufacturing. JVC KW-R800BT is another DIN head unit which delivers powerful music and provides great media connectivity.

One of the best thing about JVC KW-R800BT is it provide 30000 color option which can easily blend with your car interior. And display screen is quite bright and effective one.

It has 20 watt power support with built in amplifier which delivers powerful sound each time. And at peak of music, it provides 50 watt of power with 4 channels. It has Bluetooth adopter and Adjustable illumination with head.

To give you balanced music, JVC has gave iEQ 3 band equalizer which gives perfect continues sound and balanced audio. And the head allows us to fine tune sub woofers and you can even control data transfer from source to speaker with help of 24 bit Digital to Analog converter.

You can connect two phones at one time via Bluetooth connectivity and it can remember up to 5 devices. You can easily integrate phone with head via Pandora App and iHeartradio for music. KW makes loud sound easily for given input.

The controls given on head are very small buttons; defiantly you will take time to learn it. The remote control is very good, you can use it control head from 2nd row. You can play CR, CD-R, AM/FM/USB easily.

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Pros :-

  • Most clear and louder Audio
  • Advance Features
  • Balanced Power

Cons :-

  • Like all other, reading screen text on daytime is difficult.

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#4 Jensen 6.2″ Navigation Receiver DVD CD Touchscreen Monitor VX7020

JensenJensen’s Double Head unit is enabled with Touchscreen display and 2 touch buttons for menu and CD opener. It has 6.2”inch of touch screen which will navigate you easily and you can watch videos too.

Its fully advance functioning head with built in iPod, iPad and iPhone controls. Unlike other heads where you need to dial phone number from phone, Jensen VX7020 allows you to dial it from screen only.

You can easily access your phone book and answer calls without hands touch. You can easily connect it to your Android, Apple, Blackberry smartphones. You can even connect it with 3.5 mm jack.

You can play CD, CD- R, USB, Am/FM/ and wireless streaming of music via phone Bluetooth. Jensen provides multiple connectivity option with VX7020.

It has 5 select-able UI colors and backgrounds; you can choose the best which matches your car interior. Also, the 6.2” TFT touch screen can be easily readable in day light too. It supports large font size, which easier to read out.

The controls of the Jensen VX7020 are quite easy to operate. Touch screen is quite powerful and reliable. Using navigation on this head is pure fun. Navigation is powered by iGo primo software.

It has steering wheel control interface which allows driver to operate it too easily while driving.

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Pros :-

  • Touch screen interface
  • Dial and check phonebook from touch screen
  • Powerful audio/video output
  • Great GPS navigation

Cons :-

  • Some customers have reported to showing “Fatal error” message on display screen after 3-4 months. Though, Jensen has claim that the issue has been resolved.

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#5 Pyle PLDNB78i Headunit Receiver 7-Inch Stereo Radio

Pyle PLDNB78iIts touch screen plus manual operating Double DIN Head unit within budget price. Pyle PLDNB78i head unit is having integrated GPS system which can convert text to speech and give turn by turn voice prompts.

The 7 inch of big touch screen can be used to do multiple tasks. You can access Navigation, Radio, Bluetooth, Aux, DVD, Storage device and USB card too. It’s a big screen with multiple options.

You can connect the head with any smartphone using Bluetooth. Using pre supported apps, you can live stream internet radio music too. In built controls for iPod, iPad, iPhone and any android smartphone.

You can have Menu, home, mute, Volute +/-, channel selection buttons on the bottom of head. You can easily use the steering wheel control feature while driving the car.

You can also get backup camera which can be installed to view reverse car driving. Its quite helpful for those who have issue with reverse car parking.

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Pros :-

  • Advance Features
  • 4GB SD card inbuilt
  • Reverse camera
  • Easy connectivity
  • Manual buttons + touch screen
  • Big 7” of screen

Cons :-

  • Some customers have complained that the touchscreen is not up to the mark.
  • Limited Bluetooth and phone book only for outgoing call only.

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Overall :-

Overall, all the above listed Head units are perfect. We have selected them after our research. We considered price, connectivity, features and compatibility parameters to select the unit.

But our editor’s best choice is Pioneer FH-X720BT which is perfect and basic type of DIN head unit with all advance features. But if you want touchscreen head unit, you can try Jensen VX7020, its perfect device to have in car.

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