#11 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Different Occasion and Mood – Try Now

Giving over and over boring gifts make no sense. Whatever the occasion, marriage, birthday, marriage anniversary or Christmas, we must go with unique gift ideas. And that will enhance your feelings for the person, whom you are gifting. Also, it adds more value to your relationship as well. Most of us get confused when choosing gifts.

But no worry, here we have listed some of the unique Gift Basket Ideas for many occasions, which are cheap and unique for sure. Before buying, do check our list which has full list of products which you can put it in gift basket. Also, do check out our ideas for how to make your gift basket good looking, what you need to add etc.

What to add in gift basket?

Well, its a big question, which we are trying to answer here. You can add wines, snacks, candles, cake, premium items like watch, purse, and perfumes as well. Apart from that, depends on the occasion you are sending, we have listed below some of the top and unique gift ideas.

Just go through the below mentioned ideas and select your idea for gift basket. Some people even choose cookies and chocolate in their basket to add more value (edition to the other gifts).

How to Decorate Gift Basket Uniquely?

For those who are confused about which basket to choose, they can go with costco boxes, or any other basket. Your gift basket should look good, and decorated. Without it, it won’t give much attraction; it looks just another box or basket.

To decorate a gift basket, you need to first have cellophane wrap. You can get cellophane wrap at discount price from amazon. Later, tie off the tops of the basket with cellophane. As per your choice, you can use different colors of cellophane.

After decorating or covering your box with cellophane, you can add your gifts in basket with different style. You can even mess it and try to create unique box design or you can arrange them in order (depends on the gifts you add).

After that, always add your handwritten note in your gift basket. No doubt, your gifts are going to tell them your feelings but having lovely words for your loved one is best thing they can get. We hardly gets much opportunity to tell our feelings to our family/friends, it is the time. You can easily express yourself in note.

#11 Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Different Occasion and Mood

Unique Gift Basket IdeasNow check out the occasion wise gift ideas for putting in basket, we did try to add gift ideas for different occasions like Christmas, birthday, anniversary, valentines day, road trip, feel better etc.

#1 Christmas gift basket ideas

The biggest festival is here, make them feel bright this Christmas, we have different gift basket ideas for Christmas 2016.

#2 Sports Themed Bucket

For those who are sports enthusiastic, they can follow below mentioned gifts;

#3 Travel Gift basket ideas

Love to travel, he/she might need below mentioned gifts in his/her next trip. From small things to big bags, everything is listed below.

#4 Spa Night Gift Basket Ideas

If he/she tired? How about a quick spa session? Here is some Spa Night gift basket ideas.

#5 Feel Better Gift Basket Ideas

Is she/he broken heart or upset? No worry, we have some gift ideas for those who are not well, and need some medicine to get over mood off.  Do try to gift them below mentioned gifts;

These things will surely help them to feel better.

# 6 Gardening Gift basket Ideas

If she likes to do gardening, you can add that too in basket. I have gifted my grandmother below mentioned items in gift basket, she loved it.

#7 Video game Gift Basket

For video game lover, nothing beats than a Xbox game. You can gift them some of the popular video game accessories in gift basket.

#8 Road Trip Gift Basket

If your dear and near one like to go on road trips, you can gift them below mentioned items in basket;

#9 Car Care Kit

If he/she is car lover, no worries. You can add car care kit in basket and gift them, after all that’s the thing they love the most, Right?

#10 Pasta Night Gift Basket

For those who are hungry all the time, for them Food is the best gift. We have added different dishes and pastas, try to add in basket.

  • Italian Spices
  • Indian spices
  • Fancy imported pasta
  • Pasta sauce
  • Any other favorite pasta

#11 Romantic Gift Basket

This one is especially for Valentine’s Day, Marriage Anniversary or for the singles who wish to propose their loved one. If you are looking for perfect romantic gift basket for your wife/girl friend or for your husband/boy friend, you can go for below mentioned one.

  • Make pancakes with hearth shape; add berry flavored syrup, strawberries, and raspberries on top.
  • Add 52 Card set of “I Love you Because…”.
  • Or you can hire a special cook who dines you at home.
  • Add romantic movie DVD’s, i.e Nicholas sparks
  • Personalize teddy bear
  • Writ a love letter
  • Book of love poems
  • Balloon bouquet

These are the some of the most unique gift basket ideas. We have tried to add all occasion wise gift basket ideas, from travel to gardening, to car care, to valentine and Christmas as well. Hope you have liked our ideas, if you feel to add some more ideas, or want to say Thank you, you can add it in below comment box.

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